Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jessica alba naked. Blow mind pics.

Jessica alba naked. Cool pics:

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Why does he always look at naked girls? " argh? We've been together for 9 months (long distance, but we see every weekend), we get along very well, we have lots in common, an awesome bf HES But one problem, I feel lyk im not good enough for him. J ' were using his laptop in the weekend and his d ' screen saver, he always had pictures of girls lyk Megan Fox or Jessica Alba and when I've typed ' Google, it has all the stuff that ' he had been looking lyk girls sexy naked girls in bikinis, etc. j ' N and saw a message that he ' sent to her (beautiful) ex who he had been with for about 4 years and it was lyk " hey gorgeous .... blah blah blah I Dano " No, it just makes me feel lyk im not good enough for him, I do not know what to do? Is this normal for guys? I'm just pathetic or what?
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